About Your Editor

When I was growing up, I read every word printed on every cereal box set in front of me. I read the whole title page—even the copyright information—before starting chapter one in a book. Today I see every misspelling on the internet and cry a little for each lonely, misplaced letter and punctuation mark.

I don’t care so much about the rules of writing. I care about communication. I care about messages and ideas, and I work with serious writers like you to make sure your work is clearly understood by your readers and fans.

You’ve probably never heard of me because I work in the background. I’m not famous because my job is to make you look good. Your work is yours. Your readers won’t know I’m involved unless you tell them.

I’m easy to work with. I care about your work as much as you do.

Get in touch today to find out for yourself.

– Jason