Open For Business

I believe:

  • words are powerful.
  • all writers should have their say.
  • a reader’s attention is a precious thing.
  • messages are lost in the rush to publish.
  • ideas deserve more than a single draft.
  • I have a part to play in making the internet a better place.
  • you have a part, too.

We can make the internet a better place by caring about the words we publish. Taking our messages seriously—giving our readers a reason to come back to our sites—will show the world that we have something to say and that it’s worth listening to.

As the founder of Sweating Commas, I am dedicated to honoring the ideals of the writers I work with. As your editor, I work hard to make you look good and ensure your messages and your voice are clear and strong. You write for a reason and you deserve an editor who takes you and your work seriously.

Besides, wouldn’t you like to prove William Zinsser wrong? In On Writing Well he wrote:

Nobody told all the new computer writers that the essence of writing is rewriting. Just because they’re writing fluently doesn’t mean they’re writing well.

If you’re a computer writer who is serious about writing well, join me in making the internet a better place.